Seminar Delegates

MOYRA RISEBOROUGH: Riseborough Research & Consultancy Associates 

Founder & Owner of RRCA

Moyra Riseborough (Small)Moyra is a highly experienced and ethical social researcher and trainer with a comprehensive understanding of older age and housing issues, community-led action, social care, charities and the third sector. She builds excellent relationships with both commissioners and participants in research projects and training courses.


PROFESSOR MARK BLYTHE: Northumbria University

Professor in Interdisciplinary Design, BA (Hons), PGCE, PhD

Mark Blythe (Small)Mark is a design ethnographer working in the field of Human Computer Interaction. His research interests include the ageing population, looming ecological catastrophe and the ‘messed up’ world we live in. Recent projects include collaborations with Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio which were based at a residential care home and a nunnery.  He is currently working on a project on banking for the ‘older old’. His other work draws on critical theory and YouTube to consider the impacts of new and emerging technologies. For more information about Mark, his research interests and who he works with you can visit his personal website.

PROFESSOR ANN LIGHT: Northumbria University

Professor of Design, DPhil (Sussex), MSc (Sussex), PGTC (Goldsmiths), BA (Sussex)

Ann Light (Small)Ann is a qualitative researcher, interested in how people relate to each other in contemporary society and the impact of present/future design choices. A fascination with digital mediation led her to make studies of websites and online discussion as early as 1995, and she now focuses on mobile and ubiquitous contexts of use. An important element of her work has been looking at design globally – with projects in Ghana, India, Chile and Uganda, workshops on six continents, and a role advising the EU on the future of the Internet.


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