FLEX Co-Design Workshops

Following on from the FLEX specialists’ workshop held at the Toffee Factory on the 4th July 2012, FLEX researchers will be running two parallel activities involving invited audiences from communities in Dundee and Newcastle. A range of key findings identified from the experts’ workshop in July will form the focus for the Dundee and Newcastle co-design creative events.

These will target people in their 40s to 60s, for whom retirement is on the horizon and will identify the audiences interests, values and expectations around ageing and dwelling with dignity in ones’ community. Both the Dundee and Newcastle events will introduce audiences to creative, engaging and fun activities that stimulate discussion around a range of housing and ageing issues. FLEX researchers will facilitate these co-design events and provide communities with an informal social event that looks at how best to adapt existing housing to better meet the needs of the ageing population and enable a greater level of flexibility to encourage more sociable modes of living.

Co-design, (or co-creation / participatory practice), uses informal, playful objects, props and a range of fun materials to help non-design people play with ideas. It works best when individuals are relaxed and curious and it takes as its starting point the idea that we are all ‘creative’.


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